Author: Chelsey Lambert

LINC by Legalinc Review – Private Label a Business Law Cash Machine

Online business formation sites, and dozens of other providers have been “stealing” business from law firms for years. First… this is a fallacy. Lawyers just haven’t been given an entry point into the same service model that is easy to implement with an attractive enough margin. Enter, LINC. What is it?  When a consumer files for an LLC, S Corp, C Corp, Inc, or any other business formation there are a series of forms to complete, articles to file, and deadlines to adhere to. LINC gives attorneys the ability to not only re-sell the same packages as the online...

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Zola Suite Review – Beauty lies within the details.

The marriage of marketing and case management systems has been happening in the background for the past few years. Zola is unique in that it was created for attorneys, by a media agency. Zola, who began as a website and advertising agency, watched the habits and patterns of the law firms they worked for a long while before they even entertained the idea of building software. One of the first things you notice about Zola is the user interface. A clean, colorful and happy screen presents you with options mainly contained in the master left-side action bar. Here you’ll...

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