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It’s LEAD WEEK at Lex Tech Review!

Welcome to LEAD WEEK on Lex Tech Review!  As the slow burn of July catches up to all the law firms out there it’s typical to see your cash-flow projections crumble. So, let’s kick off the month by covering solutions that jump-start your prospective client pipeline and get your law firm out of that summer slump.   First Up, Lexicata!  Use as a standalone CRM or add-on tool to your existing Case Management Software. Manage intake, leads and track marketing sources to better understand where your clients are coming from, and convert them more effectively with online forms, e-signature tools...

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AMP – Attorney Market Power Consulting – Strengthen, Differentiate, Dominate

Let’s be honest, if you are serious about growing your business you are always on the lookout for a competitive edge. Something you can learn, a book you can read, software that will improve your ability to manage or deliver work to your clients. AMP is that competitive edge. Not some magical pixie dust that makes your law firm generate more clients, but grit, hard decisions, honest answers and training programs and some of the most brilliant law firm sales choreography the industry has ever seen. I’ve known Founder, Tiffany Poole since she was part of the leadership team...

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HCT – Hero Conversion Technologies – Increase Appointments, Increase Retainers, Increase Revenue

Within a law firm there are several roles critical to the business succeeding. One of which is intake, also known as sales or appointment booking. If you have ever had to make calls as your primary job function, you know that’s not the most fun job in the world. It requires discipline, determination, persistence and resilience. A rare combination of qualities in an employee. Not to mention that if you are lucky enough to find one of these Unicorns you must keep them happy! Which brings me to my next point, recruitment, training and retention. In 2013 I conducted...

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WordRake – A long-awaited editor for the legal profession

Never use a long word where a short one will do. – George Orwell Legal professionals write to communicate, advocate, and negotiate. You would be hard-pressed to find another industry, except for publishing, that takes writing as seriously. Consider this: lawyers create and receive tens of thousands of e-mails, presentations, documents, briefs, appeals, and management memos. Readers interpret every word based on what they believe about the author. Each of us has a unique writing style, and signature phrases, and readers make assumptions about us based on these facets of writing. In the legal environment, the adage “it’s not...

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What is the Lawyerist’s TBD Law Event Really Like? And Why You Should Attend.

In February of this year I was lucky enough to attend the Lawyerist’s TBD Law 2 Meeting at Filament in St. Louis. I didn’t know what to expect, and assumed that it would be most of the A-List Legal Thought Leaders sitting in a room pondering the future of the legal space. And ooooohhhh was I wrong! Everyone in the room was definitely an A-Lister but of a different kind. Real world practicing attorneys, who are doing super awesome things. When you talk to as many attorneys as I do, you hear the same stories and business plans repeatedly....

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