Author: Chelsey Lambert

Kahuna Accounting Review – When it’s time to become the CEO of your law firm.

Our review of Kahuna Accounting services includes an overview of the value they bring to the law firms they serve. By using a virtual accounting team law firm owners are able to review financials and gain confidence int he health of their business. Which puts them in a position to act much more like the CEO of their law firm instead of a solo or managing partner who is also still doing the books.

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Nifty Marketing Review – National Legal Scholarships: A Goodwill SEO Strategy for any Law Firm

Nifty Marketing’s review gives law firms an overview of one of their leading services. Educational scholarship programs, offered by their law firm clients that increase both organic traffic and website rankings. The Nifty Marketing team has extensive experience in online marketing specific to the consumer legal market. With a specialty in creating campaigns like the scholarship program for rural area attorneys who are looking for a unique and effective way to promote their law firm in the community and online.

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ayfie Inspector – Adding Linguistic Feature Engineering to Enrich Documents for Relativity® Review

ayfie, a newcomer at this year’s ILTA show just announced the integration of afyie Inspector with the Relativity product. The integration aims to improve search results delivered during the eDiscovery process by asking; “What do the words really mean?” Then, applying Linguistic Intelligence technology to enrich contract data to deliver more meaningful results.

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