Author: Chelsey Lambert

InfoTrack Review – A Legal EcoSystem of Search, Records, Data, eFiling and eSignature Tools  

Australian powerhouse InfoTrack has come to the US on a mission. With over a decade of tenure in records search, real estate law, and case management industries it’s no coincidence they have been one of the fastest growing platforms to join the legal tech revolution. At its core, InfoTrack is a powerful platform that amalgamates a diverse number of legal searches, e-filing capabilities and e-signing. Which if your law firm relies on Pacer, state or county level court records to run your business, you know how painful searching separate systems for what you need can be. And, also how...

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Trustbooks Review – Simplifying Law Firm Trust Accounting

Trustbooks, a law firm’s alternative to managing IOLTA accounts in QuickBooks, now integrates with LawPay and Clio. Built by CPA’s who specialize in trust accounting and law firm financial management, the system is clean, focused and incredibly user friendly. Co-founded by Tom Boyle, he came up with the idea for Trustbooks after years of frustration trying to make QuickBooks and other solutions work for his law firm clients.

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Best Case’s Student Loan Analyzer Review – Helping Attorneys Aid Graduates in Financial Crisis

How many people do you personally know struggling with student loan debt? Burdened by what feels like a mortgage payment. Unable to find work that can cover the costs of the education intended to put them in a better financial position. Some, in a hopeless and dire situation, with compounding interest making it worse with each month that goes by. Nowhere to turn, and unable to discharge the student loan debt under previously interpreted bankruptcy rules. Until now. Best Case, the largest provider of Bankruptcy Petition Preparation Software teamed up with Attorney Austin Smith, Esq. of the Smith Law...

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Tali Review – Your Personal Time Tracking Assistant Now Integrates with Clio!  

How many mental notes do you take throughout the day to “remember to do something”? Now, imagine the financial impact on your business, if you executed on even half of those mental notes. Tali is the power of execution. We don’t realize how beneficial voice recognition or voice activated systems can be until they become a part of our daily lives. Remember when you used to have to look at a map for driving directions? Then we upgraded to websites like MapQuest and Google Maps which printed directions for us. Now… we talk to our phone, our car or...

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ILTACON’s 40th Anniversary – The International Legal Technology Association Pulled Out All the Stops!

As a first-time visitor to the famed ILTACON annual conference and expo I was eager to see what all of the hype was about. And without a doubt the event delivered. ILTA (International Legal Technology Association) has cultivated one of the most educationally interesting and vendor balanced events I have seen for mid-size to large law firms. Attendees range from managing partners, to IT staff, law firm administrators, CTO’s and CIO’s. Plus, all of us Legal Tech nerds who clearly can’t get enough of this stuff. First, let’s set the stage. Literally. The 40 Year Anniversary video, which reviewed...

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