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Lawprenuer Spotlight – How Business Law Attorney Scott Reib transitioned his law firm to a subscription-based model.

In this exclusive Lawprenuer Spotlight, we highlight the work of Attorney Scott Reib, who offers a General Counsel – Access Plan. Delivered as a monthly service advising small businesses on corporate structure, contracts, and everyday legal issues. Scott is the founder of REIBLAW a Texas-based boutique law firm and the author of 5 Proven Strategies to Shatterproof Your Business and 8 Questions to Eliminate Signer’s Remorse.

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DirectLaw – Sell Legal Services On-Line Through Your Own Virtual Store Front

DirectLaw® is a unique online law firm platform that enables you to create an online storefront for the sale of legal services that integrates seamlessly with your existing web site. The DirectLaw® online web service enables you to offer state specific legal forms bundled with legal advice for a fixed fee through a “store front” concept like LegalZoom, but with the advantage of adding your legal advice and guidance.

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Lawprenuer Spotlight – Sibley Law’s Innovative Legal Operations Business Model  

Our Lawprenuer Spotlight Series features Brent Sibley, Founder of the Sibley Law Firm and architect of the Sibley Ops technology program. A framework for Personal Injury Law Firms similar to a Power Plant. Brent’s business model, which he recently started piloting with other personal injury law firms creates a seamless experience for clients, and the rock solid infrastructure to scale a law firm. “Our tested systems and documentation are offered as a back-office management and technology service law firms who want to operate as efficiently as we do.” Sibley explains.

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