To avoid printing a whole page of white space when you have only a small paragraph, rows of a table, or text that bleed over into the next page. The feature Shrink to Fit, or Shrink to One Page automagically re-sizes the text, adjusts margins and turns that brings everything together to fit on one page.

  1. To get to the “Shrink One Page” command, open your “Quick Access Toolbar.” You can do this by using the down arrow above the tabs on your ribbon, usually the last icon. Select “More Commands.” OR Click on the “File” tab on your ribbon, select “Options” and then select “Quick Access Toolbar” on the left-hand side.
  2. Once your “Quick Access Toolbar” dialog box is up, under “Choose Commands From”, choose “All Commands.”
    1. Scroll down through the list of commands until you find “Shrink One Page.”
  3. Click “Shrink One Page” to select it, and then click “Add.”
  4. Click “OK.”
  5. A new icon should show up above the tabs on your ribbon. Click it to shrink the text.