When I ask law firm owners; “What do you need to do to grow your business?” They deliver a variety of answers which typically include; more marketing, increased conversion and sales or improvement to our appointment no show rates. While these are all important, none focus on the one thing that turns a caller into a client.


Alert Communications focuses on the one thing and the one thing only.  The smooth transition from prospect to retained client. Their services, often confused with a traditional virtual receptionist or answering services, are far more than that.

Law Firm Intake Reality Check

What happens when you launch an aggressive marketing campaign, and the phone starts to ring? Leads are collected by in-house law firm staff, appointments are set or documents delivered via email. Sometimes the firm is using a lead tracking system such as CRM or Case Management System, but often not. Processes are manual, and rarely documented. In this scenario, it’s natural that leads fall through the cracks because employees are burdened down with a myriad of daily tasks.

Then comes…the challenge of choice. When a call comes in and an employee who is already on a call with a new lead, existing client or case related service provider they must now choose between handling the lead or putting on hold and completing the call. This mean, in plain terms; selling new lead or servicing the existing needs of the law firm which they will decide based on their own perspective of overall task value & not necessarily what the bottom line requires to sustain growth or achieve marketing campaign ROI.  These difficult choices are made daily and result in lost leads.

Services Defined

Alert Communications handles millions of law firm intake calls per year. Their clients range from solo practitioners to some of the largest Personal Injury and Mass Tort Law Firms in the country.

Alert is the largest legal specific call center in America and has been designed to serve that niche from the ground up. They deliver exceptional call quality and uninterrupted service so a call never goes unanswered come rain, shine, absences, or with unusually high call volumes.  All leads are captured immediately.

Contract execution is the second half of the process for Alert Communications. They are not only collecting the lead’s contact and case information, but they are equipped and trained, after qualifying,  to complete a customized intake and get a commitment over the phone and retrieve electronic document signature with the law firm’s own customized retainer agreement.

Tools such as SMS/Text message services, digital docs and signature; online appointment scheduling, CRM’s and Case Management Systems integration are leveraged to make the process seamless for the caller and law firm.

Use Cases

Alert Communications’ dedication for closing business on behalf of their law firm clients is unmatched. Many law firms use their services to scale large marketing campaigns, to lower operating costs, limit bad experiences or handle call overflow from situations such as a natural disaster. Here are a few scenarios commonly requested by their law firm clients.

Scenario 1 – Marketing Campaign Management

In your budget, for a nationwide or large-scale marketing campaign, should be Contract Services for maximum ROI. Law firms can be crippled by an overwhelming amount of inbound phone calls, contact forms and emails plus instantly sending and retrieving contracts or follow up docs in a timely manner. This is a potential lead tracking nightmare if the proper phone numbers or online links aren’t reported on correctly.

Scenario 2 – Lead Revival Campaigns

Alert Communications’ dedication for closing business on behalf of their law firm clients is unmatched.

Going as far as calling on dead lead lists to recapture business that would otherwise go unattended to increases firm growth. For new leads or a lead revival campaign the goal is the same and that is to capture and retain as many new clients as possible to fuel law firm growth.

Scenario 3 – HIPAA Compliant Intake and Retention

For personal injury, medical malpractice, and mass tort law firms the compliant and secure collection of personal identification and medical information is a requirement not an option. Few providers are not only trained on how to follow up with contacts to gather this information respectfully, but also have the technology in place to guarantee it is stored and transmitted according to HIPAA compliance rules with all staff under one large roof in one location.

Scenario 4 – Overflow

Are call volumes becoming too much to handle?  Forward calls over to the Alert Communications team before dropped calls become your new normal. Firms can also forward calls after hours or if an employee absence occurs from any reason.   This also allows firms to take on larger marketing campaigns without risk of lead losses.

Scenario 5 – Disaster Recovery

Never suffer from business interruption issues that would disrupt the flow of new business and in turn reduce cash flow for your law firm. Planning how to handle your phone calls and intake operations after a disaster happens is not a plan, it’s a reaction. Utilizing Alert Communications, even on a part-time basis, gives you the opportunity to test your businesses’ recovery process before you need it and then mitigate this risk.  Where are your phones going to ring when they cannot ring or be answered at your office?  Do the answerers, even if you have an answering service, have the ability to convert to intake and convert to a client?

Alert Communications continuously invests in backup and disaster recovery technology including; power, server infrastructure, and backup phone solutions. Lead by a team of IT professionals that rival some of Silicon Valley’s strongest tech organizations to back themselves up as well.

Scenario 6 – Multinational Reach + Bilingual Agents

Law firms doing business in and the US and Canada for English and Spanish can now optimize their marketing campaigns with one provider. Alert staffs not just a few intake specialists and call agents but hundreds serving all time zones 24/7 with specific legal training.

Recruitment, Retention and Training

If you’ve ever been to a call center, it’s rare to see a culture that is alive and thriving.  The Alert Communications office mirrors that of a technology company.  From advanced technology training, wellness programs, and culture building activities, they do everything they can to keep the environment upbeat and positive which translates to a better experience for all potential client and callers.

Psychological Training and Mental Health Management

As time passes, the employee will also experience burn out especially if the practice area served includes highly emotional calls, such as tragedy, trauma, sexual assault, domestic violence, wrongful death, or catastrophic injuries. Every call center agent is trained in the areas of empathy, call control, and psychology to support the unique conversations they will encounter.

Alert Communications’ staff is also monitored, and required to take breaks between highly emotional or taxing calls so the next inbound caller receives full and proper attention. Their team includes a group of experts who train, manage and monitor employees to ensure the physical impact of dealing with prospects in these areas does not impact their own mindset and ability to respond in the most professional manner.

Unparalleled Response Time

All calls are always answered within 3 rings. Web lead forms are called in under 3 minutes. True 24-7-365 call center operations capture every law firm lead possible which is a requirement for any law firm who’s serious about growing the number of clients they retain and marketing ROI.

Traditional answering services will only act as receptionist or handle the intake portion of the process usually from phone calls only.  However, Alert Communications handles lead generation response for all lead types, then intakes, and conversion process all the way through contract document signing for a turnkey solution. All of this is completed while not overstepping the boundaries of UPL.

Enterprise Level Lead Tracking

Real time tracking across every communication platform means quantifiable data you can use to grow your business. Text, email, phone, electronic contract monitoring and more are measured to the most granular detail. If a contract call is dropped, their system identifies the call, redials and picks up where the caller left off even if it is a different intake specialist.  Contract delivery is tracked with instant notifications of electronic signatures.

The Results

Data doesn’t lie and Alert Communications has proven that they can reduce call abandon rates to lower than 2%.  This is a metric most law firms would never even measure, let alone be able to improve upon. Conversion rates increase across the board as do revenue numbers with first contact contract conversion at a stellar 65%.

Ancillary benefits of their services include the ability to ‘green your law firm’ by saving space and energy by moving to outsourced intake and contracts services. Also improving the quality of life for the in-house staff you count on to serve clients on a daily basis is greatly improved as this is outsourced.

If you are looking for a solution that takes the burden of high call volumes and that’s driven by a team of law firm conversion experts then look no further. You can learn more about Alert Communications here: https://www.alertcommunications.com/

Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert is a Legal Technology Specialist, published Author and CLE Speaker. As a former Practice Management Advisor for the Chicago Bar Association, and Vice President of Marketing for a leading case management provider she has seen our industry from many angles. Today, she works with vendors to bring their products or emerging technologies into the marketplace. And, teaches legal technology courses to lawyers all over the country sharing different ways technology can benefit their law firm. As Founder of Lex Tech Review and Lex Tech Media Group she welcomes the opportunity to chat!

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