Client service is one of the most important parts of running a law firm. Clients who are happy with their legal team are the first source of positive reviews, referrals and repeat business. What’s the one thing you can do to impress potential or current clients?

Answer the phone!

Answer 1 has been quietly serving attorney clients since 1982. The business has transformed from a basic answering service to an enterprise level communications center with a forthcoming custom smartphone app. Recently, Answer 1 has worked tirelessly to get the word out about their growth friendly options available to solo and small law firms.

24-7 Bilingual Coverage

Answer 1 offers call coverage 24-7-365, along with a team of bilingual receptionists to take calls for law firms out of their Phoenix, Arizona headquarters.

Law Firm Receptionist Recruitment and Training

Answer 1 selects its law firm receptionists from a pool of talented applicants, looking for receptionists with excellent communication skills, empathy, a willingness to seek solutions and proactivity. These skills are exactly what law firms seek when hiring in house receptionists.

Once a candidate has been hired for the law firm receptionists team, they enter a four-week training program that includes industry specific training courses to familiarize them with the best way to handle clients at a law firm.

Because those receptionists only handle calls for law firms, over time the managers and staff become experts, continually improving processes as they go.

Use Case – Everyday Calls, After Hours or Overflow

Law firms can use Answer 1 as their primary receptionist for as long as they’d like, which is a great option for solo law practitioners. If you have a support or intake team member, then roll calls to Answer 1 when you can’t pick up or after hours.

Use Case – Marketing, Lead Qualification and Appointment Scheduling

It is a golden rule of marketing that every campaign should have a unique phone number so you can accurately track how many calls are come from each source.

With Answer 1’s volume friendly pricing, you can have their team be the first 24-hour point of contact for marketing leads. Intake information will be collected and delivered to you immediately after every call, which gives solo practitioner the ability to scale with a marketing campaign without fearing a massive increase in their monthly bill. Answer 1 will gladly record calls, intake information or schedule appointments with CRM or Case Management Software.

Email Monitoring

If you receive leads via web forms, or email Answer 1 will follow up on them immediately, using a script specific to the lead source. How often, have you received a lead during a meeting and couldn’t get to them until later in the day?

In almost every consumer practice area, that lead will have called another law firm by the time you are able to reach out. The peace of mind of immediate follow up, also means additional revenue for your business.

Lead Qualification

There’s nothing worse than being in a meeting you know will not go anywhere. You stare at the clock, wondering how many minutes you must give this person before you end the conversation.

Avoid wasting time on prospects that aren’t a fit for your business, by having Answer 1 qualify the lead over the phone.

Appointment Scheduling

Book new or existing client appointments, logged in your CRM or Case Management system without even thinking about it. Which takes the lead qualification process from step one, all the way through to booked appointment. Then, you just need to show up and get them to retain you!

Outbound Calls to Confirm or Reschedule Appointments

The appointment calendar is the lifeblood of a law firm. For both current, and potential new clients. But, who has the time to do appointment confirmation calls?

Most law firms, can barely keep up with re-schedules. Which also distract from delivery time for executing cases. Answer 1 will call every potential and current client to confirm their appointment, or reschedule a missed one.

Direct Integrations

Lexicata is quickly becoming the go to lead management and CRM solution for attorneys. The marriage of Answer 1’s volume friendly pricing and Lexicata’s seamless intake process is great fit for law firms with active marketing campaigns. The two services combined make it easy to increase marketing spend, without the worry of lead loss.

For Clio users, Answer 1 can record client call notes inside your account with no additional effort or cost. Never lose track of a phone message, or client update when using Answer 1 as your primary receptionist, afterhours or overflow provider.

Coming Soon! The Answer 1 App

I am anxiously awaiting the release of the Answer 1 smartphone app. During our demo, the team gave me a preview of what is to come, and it will be one of the most advanced out of any outsourced receptionist services available. Just a few of the features below make it feel like a communications command center more than just an answering service. Sign up for Answer 1 now, and be one of the first firms to get access when it’s ready!

  • See call volume for individual campaigns or extensions, in a beautiful call volume chart to monitor progress no matter where you are.
  • Listen to messages, and check call records. Add notes to call records or messages, then email them to yourself or another user for immediate follow up.
  • Create contacts from messages in the app, and view a full list of every contact that has ever called the law firm. A feature that will create great opportunities to do some business development work while you’re stuck in traffic. For example, you’ll be able to call through some of the unretained clients from the previous month.
  • Make calls from the app under your business line to keep your cell phone number out of the hands of clients, which, if used by the whole team, also protects the firm from missing client calls if an absence occurs. Most small firms have no idea that a client has been calling or texting back and forth with a paralegal until that person is gone, and the client calls to complain.
  • Add or remove users, giving each access to certain extensions or campaign specific lines.

Custom out of office messages

Set in and out times on your calendar. Then, add an extra level of detail to give specific directions to the agents. Such as “in court” or “I’ll be back at 1pm.” This part of the service that makes it feel like more of an extension of the office than an answering service.

Automatic Reporting

Answer 1’s services allow firms to monitor staff extensions or marketing campaigns with automated reporting tools, such as usage, or call patterns. For example, if you find that a certain number is receiving a high volume of calls during the hours of rush hour, that means your road-side ad is paying off!

Pricing Suited for Growth

Answer1 bills by the minute, standard for most providers. What’s different is that the more minutes you use, the price per minute goes down. Move up or down between packages with no additional costs, or long-term contracts.

Moving Forward with Answer 1

Answer1 has been an outstanding answering service for more than 35 years, and puts forward a great first impression and compelling pricing offer. A great combination of industry specific knowledge and technical tools make this solution a potential fit for law firms looking to grow.

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Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert is a Legal Technology Specialist, published Author and CLE Speaker. As a former Practice Management Advisor for the Chicago Bar Association, and Vice President of Marketing for a leading case management provider she has seen our industry from many angles. Today, she works with vendors to bring their products or emerging technologies into the marketplace. And, teaches legal technology courses to lawyers all over the country sharing different ways technology can benefit their law firm. As Founder of Lex Tech Review and Lex Tech Media Group she welcomes the opportunity to chat!