BluShark Digital Review: Founded by Attorney Seth Price, BluShark Digital Combines the Power of Marketing, Plus Mentorship to Help Law Firms Grow and Scale

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“An expert is someone who knows some of the worst mistakes that can be made in his subject, and how to avoid them.” – Werner Heisenberg

What makes BluShark Digital unique is the combination of hard-earned knowledge and marketing experience contributed to every client by founder Attorney Seth Price.

A practicing attorney with a multi-location law firm on the east coast, Seth has seen the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to marketing. Early on, he invested in various marketing vehicles to grow this law firm. Some worked… while others were added to an extensive list of failures.

There had to be a better way. 

He and his team decided to take on the job of marketing themselves. To do away with the packages that never returned results, kick the poor-quality lead sources to the curb and create a suite of marketing strategies that work for law firms looking to grow. And BluShark Digital was born, with a mission to help attorneys avoid the mistakes and false marketing promises so many organizations continue to sell.

For Seth, it’s not about just helping lawyers market their firms. It is about sharing the knowledge and expertise he has gleaned by scaling a firm firsthand. BluShark Digital’s value lies not only in the results they produce for their clients. But the coaching, training and skill building they impart to every Managing Partner they work with. There is more to Law Firm Marketing than just generating leads. It’s about how you handle the leads, then knowing when to hire more staff to scale.

The largest providers sell promise-laden packages at exorbitant prices, locking law firms into multi-year contracts. Seth and his team are committed to breaking this model, and delivering value in every area of marketing they touch. By stripping away the marketing that isn’t working and replacing it with a program suited for scalability.

Results matter.

The problem, Seth explains is that when services are bundled together there is a lack of measurement or reporting. Which results in the law firm paying for a list of services, but only one of the group actually works. Sometimes… none.

The law firms, often small or mid-sized aren’t aware of other options and feel that the list of services they receive are of value. When what counts at the end of the day is whether or not the phone is ringing. Not how many pages are on your website, or fans follow you on Facebook.

His involvement with clients is fueled by his passion for helping them grow. To avoid the mistakes and monetary losses many firms fall victim to when trying to grow by re-investing in marketing.

The knowledge he and his team bring to the table shows up in the results seen by their clients. Not just in leads created, but in systems, they help the law firms build to support the marketing programs they implement.

BluShark Digital Services – Marketing Plus Mentorship

Local search is where Seth and his team dominate. If you are an attorney with a consumer or business law practice with a desire to increase your market share they know exactly where to help you get started.

Whether you have been using one of the big-name law firm marketing companies or are ready to stop doing everything yourself they can help.

It’s not about throwing money into local search, it’s about coming up with a strategy for SEO, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and the law firm’s brand that drive numbers. To monitor, track, measure, and scale based on performance and the goals of the business.

Proven and Road-Tested Strategies

Another major difference seen in the services they provide is the depth of Seth’s team. Some organizations continue to bring on clients without adding staff. He runs his firm with growth and superior customer service in mind. Never hesitant to hire to maintain a level of quality and performance he would demand if he were his own client. (Which he is!)

Seth’s law firm, Price Benowitz, LLP was the first client of BluShark Digital and continues to be their most critical client. Used to benchmark success, test out new marketing strategies and vet lead sources before implementing new tools in the law firms they work with.

A benefit and testing ground no other agencies have in their war chest to leverage. The continued growth of his law firm provides critical data and metrics to advise BluShark Digital’s clients. Every strategy and piece of advice they provide has been road-tested and proven to take the guesswork out of the process altogether.

CLE Education and Workshops

As part of their mission to save small law firms from being taken advantage of by predatory marketing organizations, Seth regularly speaks at conferences across the country. He combines practical lessons about SEO, Local Search Marketing and website optimization with practice management.

The unique combination of advice equips his audience with the knowledge they need to evaluate their marketing program(s) or intelligently vet their next marketing partner.

Key Differentiator

If you are a solo, small or midsized law firm interested in more than just a marketing agency, speak to Seth and his team. The value of the first-hand experience rapidly growing a law firm by using digital marketing cannot be overlooked. To succeed in business you need a mentor, and what better partner to have than one who can also help you grow your law firm?

Learn more about BluShark Digital, and request a free evaluation of your website at

Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert

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