If you are a plaintiff’s attorney, especially with a high-volume mass tort practice, you understand the importance of tracking every lead with detail and precision and a timed follow-up.

That is a demanding task list that not all solutions can live up to and, in a very competitive practice area, you can’t afford to have software slowing your team down. The Captorra team have aligned the product with the goals of their law firm clients, and they are laser focused on innovating in those areas where clients will appreciate the impact.

Advanced Architecture

Let’s begin with Captorra’s interesting technical background. Traditional SaaS platform accounts commingle in the same ‘digital space’ which makes for a very cost-effective business model and less provision time per account.

Captorra has chosen a different path, one that dedicates a unique database for each law firm. In fact, Captorra itself is a law-firm-specific tool set built on top of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. They host their own infrastructure in a Tier 4 Facility in Atlanta with multiple redundant failover locastions. The technical benefits of such architecture include lightning-fast load times, no overlap of data with another law firm, rich CRM functionality tailored to suit how plaintiffs’ firms operate, all with the look and feel of a Microsoft product.

Now, before you ask why they wouldn’t build their own solution from the ground up, note that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM was one of the first-generation cloud products built to support the needs of enterprise corporations, with thousands of sales or customer support professionals. In my opinion, the decision to build using a pre-existing, road-tested foundation, was brilliant. To that end, as a client of Captorra, law firm partners can trust that they can scale to a national level, increase lead volume, and the system won’t miss a beat.


Dashboard options differ for each user’s role in Captorra. Intake team members can read SMS Messages, quickly view a list of new leads to follow up with, and open lead records that need attention.

The Marketing Dashboard provides in-house teams, or marketing agency partners, with an overview of Intakes by Marketing Source; and granular detail by Billboard, Phone number, Live Chat, Landing Page, Television Commercial, or Radio Ad.

Intake Screen

The feature set that Captorra has become known for stems from the Intake Screen. Team members can record lead details, by source, with two levels of metrics. Most details auto-populate, thanks to integrations with solutions like Call Rail and Google.

When walking through the intake process with a client, options presented to the user dynamically change as questions are completed. Captorra’s logic-based questionnaires feel much more like a natural conversation, rather than a form, and are extremely helpful when processing hundreds of lead intakes per day.

Automated Lead Engagement

When working a new lead, the team member will set the status, or result of a call, which automatically assigns a series of tasks and begins the lead follow-up process. Automated workflow triggers include:

  • Completed intake
  • No contact
  • No longer interested
  • Already has an attorney
  • Wrong number
  • Fake/bad lead data
  • Under review

The options above eliminate work that is related to a few different cases:

  1. If the law firm purchases leads, or other pay-per-contact marketing campaigns, the fake/bad lead data is tremendously valuable, as those disputes need to be filed with the provider before the end of the billing cycle to get credit.
  2. ‘No contact’ continues automated communication, so that no lead is ever left untouched; in addition to reassigning a task for follow-up at the next time interval, which could be as early as that same day.
  3. The ‘Under review’ status sends all lead details to an attorney via email with instructions on how to respond or handle.
  4. Each status adds data to overall lead conversion and cost-per-intake reports. Tracked by marketing source, the integration of data, call records, and lead verification information help identify when a campaign is not producing quality leads, so the firm can cut their losses quickly.

SMS Messaging

Communication workflows include scheduled outbound calls, emails, and SMS/Text messaging—critical components for any law firm that is serious about converting leads. When a consumer first reaches out, it is imperative that they receive a text message immediately. Any future communications should be delivered to them in multiple forms: text, email, and by phone. Unlimited message templates give you the ability to build a library of messages for every stage of lead conversion and for setting client appointments.

Sign-up Package Creation and Tracking

Paper sign-up packages are still widely used by mass tort and plaintiff’s law firms, but Captorra has an entire creation and tracking system that will merge client data into documents and create the sign-up packet. Each packet is then added to a queue and monitored for return and completion, which is a process that eliminates the manual tracking of paper, when paper is necessary. Now, case sign-up times can be trimmed by weeks because of a streamlined process for follow-up and receipt of hard copy sign-up packets.

Text Driven eSignature Allows “One Call Close”

For digital signature-friendly cases, eSignature Packets are sent to the client via Assure Sign. Both email and text delivery happen instantaneously, prompting the client right from their mobile device. Reminders automatically continue until the packet is completed. In both cases, paper and signature packet completion is automatically recorded and triggers an additional workflow for case assignment or other internal task.

Referral Portal and Management

For cases that don’t fit the profile or case type of the firm, Captorra’s referral tracking system manages both inbound referrals and those sent out. On one easy-to-manage screen, administrators can view:

  • Pending referrals sent to other firms
  • Incoming referrals in need of follow up
  • Referrals accepted
  • Referrals rejected
  • Referral updates
  • Settlements


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a software platform or service provider that Captorra is not integrated with.

For simple items like automatically creating a case, trigger actions based on status such as ‘retained’ on a lead and file will be generated in your preferred case management system. Other noteworthy integration partners are outsourced intake firms such as Alert Communications who handle thousands of calls for some of the nation’s largest firms. Who work seamlessly within Captorra, sending call records, text messages and sign up packets out on the law firm’s behalf.

Thanks to their well-documented API, law firms are also able to connect their home-grown software, or Salesforce account, to Captorra if the need arises. The data points available are endless. You can read more about Captorra’s extensive and ever-growing integration list at: https://www.captorra.com/partners/.

Custom Reporting

The power of Captorra’s reporting is a direct result of the integration with so many service providers and systems. For example, you can drill down into which radio or tv commercial is producing the most revenue with Call Rail phone number tracking. With views for nearly every role, administrators or intake team managers can quickly identify top performers in addition to employees who may need some additional training.

In Summary

It is no coincidence that the string of testimonials on Captorra’s website include some of the largest national law firms. When your marketing spend is in excess of six figures per month, even a half-percent increase in conversion makes a huge impact on annual revenue.

Review your current process, systems, and the marketing services you use. If there is a chance you can streamline your practice by using Captorra, because of an integration or feature such as the Signup Packet tracking tools, invest the time in a meeting to discuss your options—because what you don’t know could be used against you.

Learn more about Captorra at: www.captorra.com

Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert is a Legal Technology Specialist, published Author and CLE Speaker. As a former Practice Management Advisor for the Chicago Bar Association, and Vice President of Marketing for a leading case management provider she has seen our industry from many angles. Today, she works with vendors to bring their products or emerging technologies into the marketplace. And, teaches legal technology courses to lawyers all over the country sharing different ways technology can benefit their law firm. As Founder of Lex Tech Review and Lex Tech Media Group she welcomes the opportunity to chat!