There are over one-million solo and small law firms in the United States, practicing everything from criminal defense to aviation law. However, there is still a significant percentage of the market that has not adopted a full-featured CRM or Case Management Software.

With so many options out there, it can be difficult for a busy law firm, especially a solo to find the time to vet and adopt a solution. Then even harder to maintain the discipline to use it for all notes, cases, and billing records.

When I received a demo of ClientSherpa, one fact becomes immediately apparent to me. The product tackles the burning fire that nearly every practitioner faces, how to manage and keep track of client intake.

Before you invest in a system for case management, worry about KPI’s or business intelligence reporting you must do one thing.


Get the work.

Because without a steady stream of prospects you will not have any revenue. And, as I’ve said before…

You have revenue, or you have nothing. 

A hard truth many lawyers face when hanging their shingle for the first time.

What makes ClientSherpa such an obvious fit for the lawyers who use it, is the narrow focus of the product. It does one thing, and it does it exceptionally well. ClientSherpa doesn’t pretend to be an end to end solution for case management. Quite the opposite, Founder Bryan Marble and his team have created a tool that streamlines the process of taking a potential new client (PNC) through the intake, consultation, then retaining the law firm.

The ClientSherpa Process  

  1. Book a Consultation

Unlike any other tool on the market, the process starts with an online booking tool. That’s right, a calendar — an obvious but often neglected connection point with every potential new client.

For anyone who has used (and LOVED it) you can appreciate how amazingly simple booking time with a Calendly user is. Now, there is a booking tool for attorneys connected directly to a series of intake and consultation features.

With ClientSherpa’s clean design and easy to follow steps, the PNC can select a time that works for them directly from a link on your website. The page displays a picture of the attorney, and available times on the day selected. If you require a consultation fee, ClientSherpa’s integration with Law Pay allows you to collect one at the time of booking.

  1. Complete Intake Forms

Next, you have the option to automatically present the PNC with a clean and easy to understand intake form or to use the same process to complete the intake with them during the consultation.

For DIY friendly clients, they are moved into an easy to understand screen with a step-by-step process bar on the left they can easily see how much of the information they have completed. A great UX move on ClientSherpa’s part for two reasons. One, so that the PNC understands how far along they are in the process, and two so that the attorney can quickly see where clients are struggling to complete the required information.

For areas of law such as Criminal Defense or Family Law, ClientSherpa’s built-in Boolean search for an agency kicks in when the client or attorney indicates that a police report has been filed. Additional features include the ability to add or upload files collected during the intake or consultation phases. Once complete, Intake Forms or complete packages of intake and uploaded documents or files can be downloaded from ClientSherpa individually or in a .Zip file.


  1. Advanced Options

Setup different intake types by matter type or practice area with a variety of options from a simple intake form for less tech-savvy clients to full-blown case details to be used as a consultation guide for other lawyers in your firm.

Add reminders for clients and ClientSherpa law firm users around critical events. Such as; consultation times, application or intake form completion, rescheduling options or no-show follow up sequences. Advanced calendar integration also ensures that no intake or consults get scheduled without making their way to your calendar synced only to show your available times, eliminating the headache of double bookings.


  1. Intake Forecasting

How can you know how much money you will make this year if you aren’t tracking your pipeline of new business? While CRM’s and some case management systems do a phenomenal job of providing detailed reports ClientSherpa’s focus on just the intake process offers a simple set of reports that clearly communicate two must-have pieces of information.

  • How many PNC’s are in the pipeline?
  • How much of the intake form have they completed?

Two metrics that will tell you everything you need to know to convert the low-hanging fruit into full service, paying clients and who needs more attention. Without this information money spent on marketing or business development goes to waste.

In our recent interview with rockstar Trial Lawyer Patrick Palace and GNGF, CEO Mark Homer they explain what gets measured gets managed which speaks directly to the benefits of having a system to deliver you meaningful data about your revenue stream.


Non-Engagement Letters 

Decide not to take on a client after the consult? Not a problem, ClientSherpa will also send a non-engagement letter. As a best practice, this is an excellent way to cover your bases in the event they decide to claim you said otherwise.


Fee Agreements 

Recently released, ClientSherpa’s Fee Agreements allow you to send an agreement to a client, seamlessly integrated with eSignature tools never ask a client to print, scan and email again!


Practice Management Integrations

ClientSherpa is currently integrated with Clio and PracticePanther, with additional integrations on the horizon that include Rocket Matter and Casepeer.



Usually, we don’t discuss pricing in our reviews, but I think this merits a call out. With an entry point of only $29, per attorney per month, plus $5 per intake ClientSherpa is priced to provide solo and small firms with a compelling system for less than nearly any other tool on the market.

To put it in perspective, my Calendly subscription that ONLY books appointments on my calendar starts at $10 per month. Now, growing law firms can schedule consultations, take payments and manage the entire intake process at a very accessible price. As a bonus, clients can earn credits for actions in the system such as setting up Two-Factor Authentication or referring colleagues to use the platform.


In Summary

Finally, ditch the hodge-podge of tools you may have pieced together to try and accomplish what ClientSherpa delivers seamlessly in one beautiful application. Move your law firm into the present and take the first step towards automating one of the most tedious yet necessary portions of the business.

Then when you’re ready, build the next level of automation by integrating with a practice management system such as Clio or PracticePanther.

In my opinion, Founder Bryan Marble put it best when he said, “ClientSherpa is the gateway drug to law firm automation.” As a legal consumer myself I can attest, I selfishly would love nothing more than for my attorneys to use this product. For their sake… and mine.


To learn more about ClientSherpa, or to sign up for a free account visit them at

Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert is a Legal Technology Specialist, published Author and CLE Speaker. As a former Practice Management Advisor for the Chicago Bar Association, and Vice President of Marketing for a leading case management provider she has seen our industry from many angles. Today, she works with vendors to bring their products or emerging technologies into the marketplace. And, teaches legal technology courses to lawyers all over the country sharing different ways technology can benefit their law firm. As Founder of Lex Tech Review and Lex Tech Media Group she welcomes the opportunity to chat!