Australian powerhouse InfoTrack has come to the US on a mission.

With over a decade of tenure in records search, real estate law, and case management industries it’s no coincidence they have been one of the fastest growing platforms to join the legal tech revolution.

At its core, InfoTrack is a powerful platform that amalgamates a diverse number of legal searches, e-filing capabilities and e-signing. Which if your law firm relies on Pacer, state or county level court records to run your business, you know how painful searching separate systems for what you need can be. And, also how unsettling not having the most up to date information feels.

What makes their combination of search tools unique, is that it’s not specific to one set of records. Search services will typically only offer a set of documents, specific to practice area. InfoTrack has partnered with multiple records, and document providers to capture both files and data.

Real Estate Law and County Level Records 

A partnership with RedVision has added a healthy list of available records to the growing InfoTrack database. Gather tax information, identification numbers, APN’s, voluntary or involuntary liens for an associated property. And a list of any recorded property restrictions such as easements, or covenants before proceeding with a deal. The wow moment here comes from added access to county records that most search tools aren’t able to provide, such as marriage licenses, divorces, death certificates and probate records are easily found with a quick search.

Docket Tracking and Alerts

The growing use of legal analytics data to gain a competitive advantage is seen in the marriage of Docket Alarm and the InfoTrack platforms. Get alerts when new litigation filings occur, view patterns, and set alerts in conjunction with other business law related searches to view a full picture of a client, competitor, or prospect’s legal landscape. Track cases in real time, and sync results into one of many Case Management Platform partners.

Business Filings and Searches

Corporate and Business Law attorneys rejoice! InfoTrack’s streamlined search and filing tools equip your law firm with records and incorporation services in all 50 states. An integration with Blumberg powers this area of InfoTrack’s search capability.

First, run a D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) search to check corporate credit statuses. Next, find any UCC violations, lawsuits, liens or judgements that may threaten a deal, or be that key piece of information your client needed to negotiate in their favor.

Reveal Data Visualization

Who doesn’t love a good graph?! In all seriousness, InfoTrack’s web-like display of records and legal analytics data is something beautiful to behold. View corporate connections and subsidiaries, levels deeper than what a traditional list search would display. Make strategic business decisions, uncover business opportunities, and alert clients of issues or concerning affiliations before they surface pre, post or mid-negotiation.

Company Formation Services

Forming a company or an LLC can require firms to use up to six different websites. Not so with InfoTrack! InfoTrack has consolidated every aspect of forming an LLC or other incorporation into just one simple form. Not only that but there are no restrictions on where you can file an LLC or formation with InfoTrack as they can act as registered agents in all 50 states and perform publications wherever necessary. Filling out an SS4 form is also greatly simplified as InfoTrack allows you to fill it out in an easier online format, populates the actual SS4 form based on your answers, and allows you to use their SignIT product to send the form electronically for digital signing. After filling out the online form for your formation, InfoTrack will provide you with the turnaround time and also provide the option to expedite processing.

SignIT Electronic Signature Tools

Through their partnership with DocuSign, InfoTrack provides easy to use digital signing with SignIT. This easy e-document signing product seamlessly integrates into most processes within InfoTrack.

Seamless Case and Document Management System Integration

The team wasted no time connecting to an all-star lineup of Case and Document Management providers. Which gives users the ability to save records directly to the matter file, eradicate duplicate entry and more. Beyond that, most forms populate directly from their corresponding matter when you use InfoTrack through your CMS. InfoTrack will also return all disbursements directly through your CMS, allowing for the easy tracking of client costs. The current list includes; NetDocuments, Clio, Smokeball, Leap, EasySoft, Aderant, Actionstep, iManage and Thomson Reuters Elite.


One of the great things about InfoTrack is that it charges on a completely transactional basis; meaning it’s completely subscription free. Beyond that, the creation of an InfoTrack account is free. When you combine the pay model with the easy return of disbursements through the website or your firm’s CMS, it’s easy to see why InfoTrack is a winner.


Every integration, sponsorship and marketing dollar spent by this group has been strategically placed. To only match InfoTrack with complimentary products that would bring combined value to the law firms who use their products. The team knows the value of aggregating records together into one easy to use platform, and how to connect to the system that powers a law firm’s cases with seamless perfection.

If you are a subscriber of one of InfoTrack’s Case Management System Partners, take a test drive and discover the time savings records search and integration may bring to your law firm.

“What makes InfoTrack completely unique is we minimize administrative workflow, allowing lawyers to take on more tangible legal work,” says CEO Ed Watts. “Not only do we do this at a high level, but we don’t lock our clients into contracts, there are no strings attached.”

To learn more about InfoTrack or request a standalone demo of the InfoTrack system, you’ll find them at:

Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert is a Legal Technology Specialist, published Author and CLE Speaker. As a former Practice Management Advisor for the Chicago Bar Association, and Vice President of Marketing for a leading case management provider she has seen our industry from many angles. Today, she works with vendors to bring their products or emerging technologies into the marketplace. And, teaches legal technology courses to lawyers all over the country sharing different ways technology can benefit their law firm. As Founder of Lex Tech Review and Lex Tech Media Group she welcomes the opportunity to chat!

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