Born from the overwhelming BP Oil Spill Disaster, Law Ruler was the first law firm-specific CRM System to enter the market in 2012. With more “road time” than any other provider it is easy to see why this solution has been a favorite of Personal Injury, Mass Tort, and other volume-driven law firms since it’s release. Now available for all practice areas Law Ruler’s extensive feature set exhibits a pattern of adaptation, adding tools like electronic signature, marketing automation, ad tracking/measurement, SMS texting, and AI.   

The CRM Use Case

Law Firms who invest in advertising, have dedicated intake teams or want to automate as much of the initial intake process should consider implementing a legal CRM. Decision driving factors are the impact on conversion rates, visibility into ad campaign ROI and overall lead tracking to identify areas of improvement or failure.

When considering CRM technology it is important to understand that a solution like Law Ruler also comes with training and is usually bundled with expert consulting to ensure a successful launch. Which your team will need to utilize it effectively. My personal recommendation is to schedule ongoing training sessions as new features are released, or employees added to the team.


Law Ruler started as a legal CRM for volume firms handling hundreds up to thousands of monthly inquiries from the BP Oil Spill. A software that jumpstarts in such a baptism by fire manner is quickly put through its paces. Today, the solution serves law firms of all sizes and even offers an affordable Starter Plan for solo and newer law firms. The most common use case for Law Ruler would be firms that are looking to manage their current flow of new inquiries in a way that drives additional revenue and allows them to increase sign-ups.


Marketing Source Integration

Law Ruler is integrated with hundreds of marketing and advertising providers and features both self-serve DIY and managed vendor integrations for websites, call centers, answering services, lead providers, call tracking phone numbers and more. After set up, Law Ruler will automatically pull in your new inquiries from any source and enroll them in communication workflow of your choice.

For example, your website leads will be automatically imported into Law Ruler and then the system will send a personalized text message and/or email to the contact and add them into the human-driven, auto-dialer to call them right away.  It is a known fact that if you wait more than 1 minute to call back website leads, the chances of reaching them decrease by 40% if you wait more than a minute.

Different workflows and communication messages can be assigned to different marketing sources. To include the name of where they saw the advertisement or information related to a particular case type. Increasing overall conversion rates by speaking specifically to the contact about exactly what they are looking for.

For firms using unique phone numbers for their marketing campaigns, Law Ruler’s sophisticated marketing source integration and human-driven/automated dialer allows your firm to increase sign ups by being very agile and quick to follow up with new inquiries.


Integrated Calling – Law Ruler’s AI-powered Dialer

Never let a lead or new inquiry fall through the cracks again! To keep your team utilized at all times, callers set their status to “Ready” as leads come in they are distributed in a round robin fashion for outbound dialing, if you aren’t already on the phone with them. All calls made through Law Ruler’s dialer are also logged making documentation a habit, not an afterthought. One of Law Ruler’s most popular features, the results can be seen immediately in campaign ROI and conversion reports.   

Law Ruler’s AI-powered Dialer has advanced task routing features to increase the success of both inbound and outbound campaigns. Pre-recorded voicemails and SMS text message integration give dialers effortless options to make sign ups a breeze and close out the call.

As with any CRM, your results can only be measured as well as you track your activity. Every task, message sent, voicemail left or call completed is logged in the system automatically. Which leaves only the note-taking portion to chance. Eliminating one of the management headaches that accompanies running a high volume intake team.  Although the dialer is a paid upgrade with Law Ruler, there is a strong use case for using it.


AI-Powered SMS Text Messaging

Available throughout the entire application, SMS text messaging options put your firm in a position to respond instantaneously to leads as they inquire.   These text messaging tools allow your staff to reply to the recipient and provide basic responses to eliminate the need for manual follow up. Manual text messaging can be done at any time, and also there is automated text messaging available with auto-fill fields to fill client data for even faster follow up. A critical feature as the dominant form of communication is quickly leaning towards text. 





Electronic Signature

Don’t let manual document signatures delay the retention of a client ever again! An integration with Hello Sign’s API further leverages text messaging options by sending engagement or retainer agreements via both email and SMS Text. Signature requests can be built into any communication series or workflow. Once completed tasks are automatically assigned to the appropriate team member for completion.

Email Marketing and Workflows

For further follow-up, automated email marketing campaigns are assigned to leads and inquiries at the time of capture. Additional workflows can be created for automated communication after the client is retained.

Build lead follow-up sequences for every stage of your conversion funnel. Then recapture potentially lost revenue with long-term nurture campaigns or a win-back email series for potential clients who never retained the firm on the first go-round.  A good percentage of every law firm’s potential clients take several weeks to months before they decide to move forward so this automation is perfect to “drip market” them automatically.

Case Management Integrations

Law Ruler features powerful integrations with many of the most popular case management providers. Which transitions your contacts from one system to the other as their status changes from new lead or PNC to retained client. Current systems include:

  • Needles (1-Click)
  • Trialworks (1-Click)
  • Client Profiles (1-Click)
  • FileVine (1-Click)
  • Clio (1-Click)
  • CoCounselor (1-Click)
  • Time Matters (Excel)
  • Practice Master (Excel)
  • MyCase (Excel)




The number one reason for purchasing a CRM, the numbers. In sports and business, percentages count. A small increase in overall performance can mean big gains for the law firm. In clients retained, cases filed or lead quality measured and received from a particular marketing source.

Law Ruler comes with a robust series of reports right out of the gate. However, there is also a custom report builder to summarize data from any combination of points within the software. A firm Dashboard displays a high-level overview of the law firm’s funnel, new lead-to-client conversion rates, and estimated case value.

Signup and Onboarding

There are several different onboarding and consulting options depending on the Law Ruler plan selected. Also, there is a nominal setup fee to build each client portal. A small price to pay for help with call routing, integrations and workflow planning. Take full advantage of Law Ruler’s expert team’s time, as they are aware of how firms similar to yours are using the software, what works and what doesn’t.

In Summary

Law Ruler is a powerhouse of communication and reporting. Their time in the marketplace has been well-spent on integrations and developing an advanced auto-dialer. For law firms investing thousands of dollars or more in advertising, it would be foolish not to have a system like Law Ruler in place to make the most of every opportunity to gain a new client.

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Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert is a Legal Technology Specialist, published Author and CLE Speaker. As a former Practice Management Advisor for the Chicago Bar Association, and Vice President of Marketing for a leading case management provider she has seen our industry from many angles. Today, she works with vendors to bring their products or emerging technologies into the marketplace. And, teaches legal technology courses to lawyers all over the country sharing different ways technology can benefit their law firm. As Founder of Lex Tech Review and Lex Tech Media Group she welcomes the opportunity to chat!