For the lucky lawyers who practice in New York and New Jersey, LEAP Legal Software has been handcrafted to support their businesses. LEAP has every want, need or desire you could possibly put on your practice management wish list.

While they might be a newcomer to the American market, LEAP is no stranger to delivering great products and service to solo practitioners and small law firms. In fact, they are the market leader in Australia and the UK. By serving thousands of law firms for more than twenty-five
years, they have learned that a sure path to success is to build around the law firm’s needs, specific to geographic area.

LEAP truly excels by tailoring its software to fit every court system and area of law. Form libraries, judicial documents, letters, agreements, and contracts all have nuances differing county by county. They have combined the power of feature rich cloud based practice management
with localized libraries to make law firms in New York and New Jersey more efficient.

We Begin with Matters

The LEAP Dashboard is a list of all matters. Search by name, property address, description or other practice area specific field. Choose the one you want, and dive in.

Inside the matter screen, you have information specific to case type. For example, a real estate lawyer’s view will include property, housing, mortgage and realtor information. While a law firm practicing family law sees marital status, spouse, children and other parties such as mediator or guardian.

Since LEAP focuses on a New York and New Jersey client base almost exclusively they want to create the best possible experience for law firms in those geographic areas. When their law firms log into the application, they do not have to create custom fields, they are already there for them. And their team is willing to put in the work to make that happen.

SMS Text Messaging from Within the Matter

At this point, anyone who is building text-messaging into their practice management platforms gets a Gold Star from me. There is an undeniable need to communicate with clients through this medium, and if you’re not doing it another law firm will.

The best part about text message capabilities from the matter is that messages sent, and returned are logged in the system. No more ‘lost in translation’ situations because the associate you’ve been working with is stuck in court and can’t relay a text conversation back to the office.

Complete Synergy with Microsoft Office Products

Whether you are using Office 365 purely in the cloud, or love your local desktop version, LEAP’s integrations feel like home. With the most advanced Word Tool Bar Add-in I have seen, users can execute the tasks below, without ever leaving the system.

  • Timestamp a document and close
  • Rename and save back to the matter file
  • Update documents automatically
  • Add an enclosure at the bottom
  • Convert a document into a fax, email or letter

Document Assembly in Word and Outlook

With over two decades of document assembly experience, the process to generate a letter, court form, document, even emails are seamless. A pre-built library of New York and New Jersey court forms comes standard. If there is a jurisdiction or practice area they haven’t added yet, you
can bet it will be there soon!

For proprietary law firm documents, as part of the setup process, they will convert them into LEAP templates at no extra cost. After you’re up and running, creating a new template letter or document takes only minutes. With a built-in document assembly tool inside of Word, simply
open the item you want to templatize and insert matter fields from a selection of options on the right-hand side

Automatically Email and Attach Files from the Matter or Word Toolbar

Another timesaver is the ability to send emails, or attachments directly from the matter or open a Word document. Wherever you are, click the email icon, and an Outlook email will open. Pre-addressed to the related contact or with a Word or PDF version of a file you select. No more wasted time on PDF conversion, extra clicks and windows to open now become one fluid workflow.

Law Connect – The Client Portal Meets Advanced File Storage

If email isn’t your thing, LawConnect will revolutionize how you share documents with your clients. For fans of document library tools like Dropbox, Box or others, prepare to be wowed. LawConnect will be a clear differentiator for LEAP in the marketplace as one of the only systems to replace and enhance the functionality you see with standard client portal tools.

Work with clients in a secure space, sharing documents, commenting on PDFs and electronically signing agreements. All without the worry of creating metadata. Set time boxed viewing limits on documents, then revoke access after projects are complete. Import entire folders, then preview items, compare, rename and see a history of all changes.

The purpose behind the consumer facing portion of the platform is even greater than you would initially think. For the first time ever, a client can use their LawConnect space to work with more than one firm at once.

Desktop, Mobile, iPhone and Web Applications

If you are a Microsoft Office power user, you may prefer the desktop version of LEAP. Attorneys on-the-go spend more of their time in the web and mobile applications. Unique features include but are not limited to dictating matter notes to Siri, which are then recorded back to the file. Place calls from the LEAP Mobile App, and the system will also automatically time record your activity capturing billable hours with no additional effort.

Migration – Moving to LEAP

To help law firms move to LEAP, free migration comes standard. Import tools are available for 77 products and counting. In addition to the migration, training and document template setup are also part of the onboarding process.

BONUS Website Included

Who’s going to turn down a free law firm website? Want to start a blog, or develop a new niche practice area? LEAP includes a website with every law firm subscription. Valued at a cost of over $199/mo, this option is free to all subscribers. (Limit one per law firm.)

Coming to a State Near You!

LEAP is laser-focused on the New York and New Jersey law firm market, with a goal of being the number one provider there in short order. However, they have plans to expand past the gaze of our great Statue of Liberty soon. So, if you’re interested I encourage you to reach out and add your law firm to the ‘anxiously waiting’ list.

You can find them at LEAP.US for more details.

Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert is a Legal Technology Specialist, published Author and CLE Speaker. As a former Practice Management Advisor for the Chicago Bar Association, and Vice President of Marketing for a leading case management provider she has seen our industry from many angles. Today, she works with vendors to bring their products or emerging technologies into the marketplace. And, teaches legal technology courses to lawyers all over the country sharing different ways technology can benefit their law firm. As Founder of Lex Tech Review and Lex Tech Media Group she welcomes the opportunity to chat!

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