If you are a Solo & Small Law Firm Vendor, navigating which conferences are a good fit for your product and sales goals is like taking a shot in the dark.

For over ten years, I’ve dedicated my life to understanding this space and identifying opportunities for networking, sales and strategic partnerships. Along the way collecting data about each conference, meetup, trade show or gathering into one master list.

Contact me directly if you would like a copy of the conference list. The document is valued at well over $100K as that’s just a fraction of what it would cost you to attend a handful of the shows on this list. Let alone the blood, sweat and tears it takes to exhibit, measure, market and track sales post show.

Legal Conferences Master List – Need to know:

  • Locations rotate
  • Months are the estimated date, check exact dates on each event’s website
  • Attendee counts should be verified with the hosting organization, once when you book, and again two weeks prior to show date. These are recorded numbers from my last attendance date.
  • June is the Road Warrior month! Caused by the pending CLE deadline, June conferences are often well attended by the group of attorney’s whose CLE deadline falls at the end of this month.
  • Book conferences well in advance for best booth placement. Some events sell out!

My .02

The small law firm legal space is still one of handshakes and face-time. Events are one of the fastest ways to bring your product to market, but only if you are prepared to properly execute a show. If you are looking for sales but have a limited budget, look for shows that are close to your geography to cut down on travel costs. My recommendation is to attend shows with no less than 400 attendees if you are counting on show leads to grow your business, and have a limited budget. On the same note, if a show has more than 1,000 attendees you will need two representatives onsite to handle the traffic.

Booth Best Practices

  • Order a printed tablecloth, best $300 you’ll ever spend.
  • Get off your phone, and stand up! If your reps are sitting behind the table staring at their phone or laptop, it’s disrespectful and you should save your money and stay home.
  • Swag matters. It may seem silly, but nobody is going to get excited about pens. Put something out that they haven’t seen before, is useful in daily life, or intriguing to the eye.

If you are a Bar Association, Small Law Firm Organization, or other party that has an event you’d like added to / updated to the PDF, you can submit your request for inclusion here.

Contact me for a copy of the Legal Conferences Master List.