Over the course of nearly two decades, Jason Hadrava, Chief Technology Officer for the LaBovick Law Group has crafted a platform for intake that would exceed the demands of any high-volume firm. Where best in class technology delivers a seamless experience for staff, walking them through every step of their day.

Meet Intake Matters

A necessity inspired CRM for law firms that seek to find an adaptable solution for streamlining and automating the intake process from lead capture to close.

Before law firm intake systems existed, work on Intake Matters™ began and it was created to support the changes in marketing types and sources, multiple practice areas, referral partners and office locations. Fast forward to 2019, and the platform has evolved into an esthetically beautiful platform that is a pleasure to use. It is free from the clutter of traditional practice management features and it is an elegant design that delivers high-impact results.

Intake Matters Dashboard

Intake Search and Contact Recording

Let’s walk through a day in the life of an intake staff member. A personalized intake screen, with tabs specific to their role or practice group, presents open or default search criteria. Pop-ups immediately notify staff of important notes or critical alerts.

Intake questionnaires are customizable and specific to case type. Standard personal information, as well as advanced marketing source data, is pre-populated when arriving via a connected source such as phone, text message or email delivery. When a contact is entered manually, Intake Matters™ will run a search to find potential duplicates and will offer to merge data into one master contact record if found.  

Advanced Dialer Voicemail Delivery

As staff work through follow-up calls, prerecorded messages can be loaded into Intake Matters™ and left for callers who do not answer, saving minutes per day and hours per week. That means there is more time to increase the number of follow-ups and conversions that are possible by the firm overall.

Lead Sorting and Scoring

There is nothing more valuable than knowing where you need to spend your time. As intake is completed, a ‘lead score’ is calculated and applied to PNC’s based on engagement or conversational milestones. To further prioritize tasks, team members can search by contact type such as ‘paid lead’ or they can filter by case status.

Conversion Playbooks

Speaking of prioritizing follow-ups, the Intake Matters™ workflow builder makes the possibility endless for lead handling and call-script delivery.

Imagine an intake team member sitting down at their desk and, from start to finish, having every call choreographed for them. Every question is presented in a pop-up window and, once answered, presents the next portion of the script. This is an incredibly powerful tool that gives firms the ability to scale an intake team with consistency in brand and client service delivery.

The process reduces errors and ensures every step of a follow-up cadence. Additional engagement features can be added to complete the conversion cycle, including SMS text messaging and eSignature retainer agreements.

Workflow builder

In the same way that Intake Matters™ conversational playbooks automate the intake conversation, workflows can be created for changes to the case status that cascade updates and activity assignments through the entire case file.

You can architect your ideal workflow so that it is driven by a task or case status or case sub-statuses. It is intelligently designed and, if a case status is changed, the system will ‘snooze’ the related tasks to that status or sub-status to avoid irrelevant task assignments or alerts. Advanced workflows include text messaging, dialer prompts, call scripts, appointment booking prompts, email templates, and automated documents with esignature and payment links.

Outside Calendars

The holy grail, or bane of existence for law firms, is a master calendar that combines and syncs with every staff member’s account for instant booking of any open time. Intake personnel can view the entire firm or team-specific calendars for round robin scheduling of new consultations or appointments.

Productivity Tools

In addition to the full-featured suite of intake, conversion and reporting tools, Intake Matters™ has maximized law firm performance with a set of productivity options that live in the right sidebar of the application and that are unobtrusive yet accessible at any moment.

Chat connects multiple offices and delivers instant feedback by teammates, something that would normally delay the booking of consultations or case movement. Recent Activity displays a feed of all contact movement and interactions, while Tasks give staff the ability to quickly calendar upcoming to-dos.

Lead Cost Management

As a law group practices in multiple areas including SSDI, leads are generated through traditional marketing channels but they are also purchased through services on a pay-per-contact basis. This is a client acquisition strategy that can be extremely profitable, if managed and monitored closely, but most firms do not have such a system in place.

For every purchased lead, intake staff can quickly qualify or dispute a contact. Each record is imported directly from the provider, also a huge time saver. Then, if disputed, a template email sends the record back to the source with the reason for dispute which is a functionality that eradicates countless hours of wasted reporting time and friction between the lead provider and the law firm client.

Marketing Source Reports

A law firm can view and report on the cost per lead by marketing source, filter by campaign and practice group and then dig into conversion rates per channel. No matter the size of a budget, every dollar spent should be tracked and measured. The sooner an underperforming source can be identified, the faster that spending can be redirected to higher-converting programs.

Best in Class Integrations

Many technology companies get distracted and build tools that are already delivered flawlessly in the marketplace. Instead of spending development efforts recreating the wheel, Intake Matters™ leverages best-in-class technology for external features by keeping them focused on enhancements that matter inside a firm. Some examples include: Twilio for text message delivery; Calendly for external calendar sync; SendGrid for email delivery; and AssureSign for esignature. 

The Dictionary

With incredible foresight into the needs to support a growing practice, a dictionary database was created. For anyone familiar with software development, this is a genius move because it allows milestones associated with a case or contact to be added to a list of ‘objects.’ This is an approach that creates a nimble product that can be expanded to suit business processes over time.

Implementation and Support

Built with customization in mind, the platform can be hosted in a private cloud or on the Intake Matters™ managed infrastructure. Each installation benefits from its own dedicated environment, wherein data is never comingled with another firm.

To learn more about the Intake Matters™ platform and to request a demo, visit IntakeMatters.com.

Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert is a Legal Technology Specialist, published Author and CLE Speaker. As a former Practice Management Advisor for the Chicago Bar Association, and Vice President of Marketing for a leading case management provider she has seen our industry from many angles. Today, she works with vendors to bring their products or emerging technologies into the marketplace. And, teaches legal technology courses to lawyers all over the country sharing different ways technology can benefit their law firm. As Founder of Lex Tech Review and Lex Tech Media Group she welcomes the opportunity to chat!