Mark my words.

Lawmatics will be one of the fastest growing new legal technology applications within the next two years.


Because for the first time, the combination of true marketing automation tools, high-performance intake features and CRM functionality have been married together to create a powerhouse of conversion potential for their law firm clients.

Plain and simple, no one has ever created a product like this specifically for law firms. There have been stand-alone CRM’s, marketing tools or email newsletter systems each offering its own toolset. None have been designed from the ground up to replace and surpass the functionality that previously would have required multiple programs and cost tens of thousands of dollars to implement.

Let’s take a walk back in time…

Law firms that acknowledge the need for marketing sequences and automation tools have previously invested in tools like Infusionsoft, Salesforce or other complicated systems. Which take months to set up, consultants to pay and content writers to support. Oh, and by the way… are not built to support the way law firms work.

Add the complexity of integrations and hassle of putting the pieces together, then watch most implementations projects fall apart before they even launch. An experience which can be categorized as frustrating at best.

The Law Firm Automation Platform of the Future

What makes Lawmatics different, is its combination of CRM, Intake and Marketing Automation Tools. The brainchild of Matt Spiegel, Attorney and the original Founder of MyCase his keen eye for solving problems in the marketplace presents itself again with the advent of the Lawmatics platform.

Time to get down to business! What can Lawmatics do, that other platforms have fallen short of accomplishing?


Intake Mastery

Imagine a client completing a form on your website, which has been customized to match the logo, style and brand of the law firm. Then automatically receiving a string of thoughtfully crafted emails. Which can be sent in plain text, so they feel like they are coming right from your inbox.

A series of tasks are automatically assigned to your team for completion. The client’s information is also added to your “Marketing Funnel” as a PNC, with a set dollar value if you choose to do so.

Any combination of actions can happen during the pre-consultation, pre-retainer or post-retainer process. Send regular emails, request that they schedule an appointment or send them a digital retainer agreement to sign right from their phone or the web.

The digital choreography of these tasks is something I have seen law firms spend months of time and immeasurable amounts of money perfecting. With Lawmatics, these tools are ready for use right out of the gate, there’s even a template library to give you a jump start. As well as your own personal Lawmatics onboarding team that feels more like a marketing coach and concierge service than a support line.

File Requests

Get ready to have your mind blown! I have never seen a system easier to use when it comes to sharing documents in a professional setting. Let’s walk through a quick scenario;

  1. A new client retains you via Lawmatics automated retainer agreement and eSignature tool. Now you’re ready to get to work.
  2. You select the file request template from your Lawmatics library that’s specific to that practice area, case type or make a custom one for the client. It lists all the documents you need to begin working on their case.
  3. The “File Request” is sent to the client via email, and sends an SMS / Text Message reminder too!
  4. The client opens the file request, and with no login needed, can drag and drop the documents into the window.
  5. You receive an alert that the client has uploaded the document, and go on about your work!

No more chasing clients, or help desk style calls, scanners necessary or ridiculous delays waiting for snail mail letters to arrive.

The best part is, File Request Templates can be added to workflows! So, if you know that after you sign a new client you will always have to ask for the same documents – automate the process!



Marketing Automation with SMS Text Capabilities

If you can dream it you can built it! Never let a lead fall through the cracks again. Only 15% of buyers purchase a product within the first ninety days of reaching out. The next 35% take between ninety days and two-years to make a decision. (Time sensitive practice areas such as Criminal Defense excluded.)

My point is, are you ready to take the long road with them?

How many clients would you be able to capture if you had an automated marketing system that enrolled them in one or more campaigns based on how long ago they first spoke to you? There’s no way possible to remember everyone, to find the time to reach out and keep in touch until that one day… when they are finally ready. Let Lawmatics do that for you.

Combine emails, text messages, and plain text messages from you that help the law firm stay engaged with the prospect. So that when they are ready to commit, or refer your information is never far away.



Calendar Requests

Book client in faster than ever! Now, send booking requests to leads and clients, allowing them to see your calendar availability without the need for a phone call. Appointment booking requests can be sent as part of an automation workflow or sent as one-off requests. Trust that your availability is always up today by syncing with your google calendar or outlook calendar.


Lead and Contact Management

One of the most important feature sets of a CRM, Lawmatics includes a series of custom made lead status levels. Which are tied to marketing automation, workflow tools and triggers. As a client moves through the intake and retention process then into case delivery seamless manage the communications they receive by changing the type of contact or stage they are currently in.


Custom Fields that Drive Functionality!

On that note, let’s talk a little bit more about custom fields. Create fields that are relevant to how you practice, then trigger workflows, tasks or actions based on those fields.

*Starred* custom fields, the “most critical” pieces of information are prominently displayed at the top of every client’s page. To give you an “at a glance” understanding of where that particular case stands in seconds.


Document Assembly

To take it a step further, leverage your client’s personal, case information and that precious custom field data to auto-populate your own documents. Lawmatics can even accommodate conditional text based on the contents of your custom fields or document triggers. Once populated, send them out for easy eSignature to all required parties.





Contract Management

Say goodbye to duplicate document management processes. Every retainer agreement, electronically signed document and more are neatly stored in the client’s Lawmatics file. Create a library of your standard contracts using Lawmatics’s document assembly tools, then add them to a workflow you can trigger whenever a case demands it.


Revolutionary Reporting

There is no substitute for data. Lawmatics suite of “Insight Reports” give you visibility into every critical front of house metric imaginable. From lead conversion to the amount of potential revenue in each stage of your pipeline, it is impossible to deny the value of the data collected with each interaction. Over time the system projects revenue based on your historical conversion rates, constantly learning and improving.

Create custom reports to drill down into metrics by practice area, team member and more. Set targets and goals by week, month, quarter or year to motivate and measure your team’s results. Truly step into the role of Law Firm CEO with the data you need to drive performance and accountability.





Fast to market, Lawmatics already has an integration with both Clio and Practice Panther. Two of the leading tools in the marketplace, I can only imagine the happiness the combination of a front office powerhouse system like this will bring to raving fans of both back office platforms.



The onboarding process with Lawmatics is nothing short of world class. And honestly, you would be foolish not to take advantage of what they offer.

“Our onboarding process feels more like a business exercise than it does software training. Even if the client chooses not to use Lawmatics, the process will help the firm,” explains Spiegel.

A full marketing audit takes place, identifying all of your current lead sources. The emails you’d like to be sent out and the ones that are missing. Tracking codes is added to your website, as well as costs associated with each channel or referral source. Instead of hiring expensive consultants you get a team of professionals who know the software and template library intimately, to suggest and help you build out your ideal automation sequences.

For ninety days, they serve as part marketing consultant and part onboarding specialist. By your side, as you create your dream workflows, test the system, use it with clients and come back to refine it again. In that period of time, I promise you that you will get more return on your investment than you could have ever imagined.


Your Financial Success is Determined by Your Follow Up

To summarize, Lawmatics has struck a nerve with business-minded attorneys who know that consistent follow up, systems and repeatable processes are the keys to success. Whether you are looking to take your marketing to the next level, or feel handcuffed to a set of tools you’re trying to use to do half of what Lawmatics does it’s worth scheduling a demo. And the best part is… by the time you read this, there will be even more features than what we covered today.

To learn more about Lawmatics, and schedule your no-risk one on one consultation visit:


Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert is a Legal Technology Specialist, published Author and CLE Speaker. As a former Practice Management Advisor for the Chicago Bar Association, and Vice President of Marketing for a leading case management provider she has seen our industry from many angles. Today, she works with vendors to bring their products or emerging technologies into the marketplace. And, teaches legal technology courses to lawyers all over the country sharing different ways technology can benefit their law firm. As Founder of Lex Tech Review and Lex Tech Media Group she welcomes the opportunity to chat!