For legal professionals, Microsoft Word is a tool that feels like home because we live in it every day. Creating documents, comparing versions and revising documents repeatedly. Because of our constant use of the product, the investment in a great editing tool can make a huge difference in daily productivity and work product quality.

PerfectIt for Legal Document Editing and Excellence

Ivy B. Grey and her team at PerfectIt has mastered the art of proper legal editing within Microsoft Word. PerfectIt is sophisticated yet straightforward editing and proofreading tool, created to follow specific styles of legal document creation. PerfectIt corrects errors native spellcheck would miss and refines the language in documents to a level of excellence.

Created for professional writers, editors, and business people, PerfectIt’s client base has steadily grown to more than 7,000 users in 72 countries. With the introduction of American Legal Style, created by Grey, PerfectIt launched in the legal market in 2015. Though PerfectIt is fairly new to the legal market, it has been available for nine years. All along, the team has been diligently incorporating feedback from its dedicated user base, which means that PerfectIt has been thoroughly vetted in other industries. Now lawyers can get the benefits of a new product with the full features and time-tested stability of an older one.

How it Works

As a Word Add-In, PerfectIt works alongside you in each document. PerfectIt runs more than 20 tests that check for common proofreading, editing, and consistency errors. It groups certain types of errors together and then presents them using familiar spellcheck-like functionality and informative commentary. No changes are applied automatically, the user maintains full control and choice over every editing decision.

What makes PerfectIt unique is the American Legal Style rule set that Grey has created. It builds on PerfectIt’s basic checks and adds thousands of corrections that only a trained legal writer or editor would know to look for. This rule set governs your documents from start to finish so that legal professionals can quickly apply the rules, style, guidelines, and writing techniques expected of them, without having to look up the information in several places.

PerfectIt is available for all versions of Microsoft Word 2007 and newer for PCs. It also runs on Macs using Office 2016/Office 365, available through the Office Store. The image below is an example of the American Legal Style dictionary that appears to the left of the writing pane during the creation process or can be hidden and used at the end of drafting to proof the document.



Common Issue Correction for Consistency

PerfectIt scans the document seeking out capitalization, hyphenation, inconsistencies and word usage. These are all issues that traditional spellcheck and grammar tools would miss. Users have the choice to then fix the error just once in the sentence context, or across the entire document.

By default, PerfectIt checks capitalization of words, phrases, and headings; punctuation of bullet points and lists; hyphenation of prefixes, suffixes, terms of art, and defined terms; and paired punctuation, such as quotation marks; and presentation of numbers. It also corrects errors specific to legal documents, research, and writing. For example, in the state of Florida, many would use “FL” as the Bluebook abbreviation; however, legal documents require “Fla.” This is a common error that would be caught by PerfectIt, but no other tool.

Avoid miscellaneous errors, spacing, and punctuation issues, such as the never-ending debate of two spaces at the end of a sentence or one. PerfectIt will automatically fix that throughout with just one click!

Styles on Steroids

For PC users, PerfectIt allows more customization and personalized styles. Set and save styles for a client, jurisdiction, partner, or practice group. Grey says this is “writing my way – refined.” Built-in and custom styles are available from a pull-down menu conveniently located in the Word Ribbon. A law firm administrator can build a custom style for the entire firm, which could eliminate hours of tedious document editing and give the law firm a uniform feel.

Suggested Changes Improve Your Writing Over Time

When PerfectIt finds an error, it presents the user with options for improvement and a brief explanation. With consistent use, PerfectIt can help writers of all levels improve. This is particularly true for junior lawyers for whom having a second set of eyes on their work can be tremendously valuable.

In Summary

No one is perfect, and with so many priorities demanding our attention a helping hand with our work should never be turned away. It is nearly impossible for a professional to know and account for every detail of a document, especially complex legal work that may vary jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

For most, utilizing and enhancing the tools we already possess can dramatically affect the quality of our work. PerfectIt has proven to be the Add-In that has the power to elevate the level of work product for solos and entire law firms alike.

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Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert is a Legal Technology Specialist, published Author and CLE Speaker. As a former Practice Management Advisor for the Chicago Bar Association, and Vice President of Marketing for a leading case management provider she has seen our industry from many angles. Today, she works with vendors to bring their products or emerging technologies into the marketplace. And, teaches legal technology courses to lawyers all over the country sharing different ways technology can benefit their law firm. As Founder of Lex Tech Review and Lex Tech Media Group she welcomes the opportunity to chat!