Lex Tech Review:

Legal Technology Translated for the Real World Attorney.

My Mission:

To support legal professionals as they wade through the changing tide of legal technology. To create a platform for unbiased personality focused review, so that your interaction with us feels more like a matchmaking service, than a review site.

Because at the end of the day, it’s more important to adopt something that suits your personality, work styles and life goals, than to buy the market leader, because it’s the market leader. I’m here to help you find a solution that’s just right for you… so that you actually use it. 

About Me:

For over a decade I have served solo and small law firms. In the early days of my career I was fortunate enough to be part of a team who built legal technology and marketing products. Then transitioned into the role of a coach, consultant and trainer at the Chicago Bar Association as a Practice Management Advisor. Then returned to the vendor world to help launch and market products to the same audience.

I identify and understand the everyday challenges lawyers face. How their staff reacts to new tools, and have witnessed the “Ah-ha!” moments that make it all worth it.

My passion lies in helping attorneys, and legal professionals understand the technology that is available to them, how to use it, and the positive impacts it can have on their business, client relationships and bottom line.

I live for the moment when a legal professional who saw a webinar, or attended a CLE engages with a piece of technology. After implementation often coming to me with their stories of growth or improvement.

So, I continue to teach, every chance I get. Delivering fresh, focused education, tailored to address the challenges and concerns of today’s practicing lawyer. My programs and written resources have been shared at Bar Associations, and Law Schools across the country. Sessions can be delivered in traditional CLE format, or as non-dues revenue generating non-CLE workshops. All courses are suitable for legal professionals in any stage of their career, with varying skill levels.

Lex Tech Review was created as a home for the content I often share in these discussions, to bridge the gap between what you see in the vendor’s marketing material and how it may help you in your daily law firm life.


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Advertising Disclosure:

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