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Quovant Placeholder 9/30/20202:00pm EDT1 hour
Why Multi-Factor Authentication is So Critical for Legal Professionals Microsoft has said that users who enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for their accounts will end up blocking 99.9% of automated attacks. That’s an impressive statistic. And yet legal professionals still resist MFA. Why? Because they think they will need to use a second factor (like an SMS text message) every time. For the most part, that’s not true. You can make your phone and your laptop “trusted devices” – and only have to enter a second factor when you get a new device or change your password.

None of this is rocket science. If you can prevent 99.9% of account takeovers – with only a small inconvenience, this is something you need to do now. Our experts will show you how and where to implement MFA – and what forms of MFA provide the strongest protections. MFA is almost always free. Use it everywhere you possibly can. Just do it – and do it now.
10/21/20203:00pm EDT1 hour
Veritone - Placeholder10/27/20201:00pm EDT1 hour